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Pushing the Settings. Change directory to the folder that has the two files you created and use az cli to push the settings to your vm, use the following command: az vm extension set --publisher ...

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i use Azure Blob Storage Client Libary v11 for .Net. I wrote a program that our customers can use to upload files. I generate a URL with a SAS Token (valid for x Days) for our customer and the cust...

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If you use refresh tokens, your code should first try the regular API call, and if you get a 4xx result, try using the refresh token to get a new session token, and if that fails, then you've been kicked out, and the user needs to re-authenticate to continue. If you don't use refresh tokens, you can skip the middle step, obviously.Then click update. Build a simple Test Request. Now, build a simple request and save it into the Collection folder you have created. You can build a new request by right clicking on the new collection you've just created and then selecting "Add Request" and it will automatically be added to the collection.

SAS Token/URL; Go to your storage account via the portal, on the left hand panel scroll down and click on Shared access signature.You will have to generate the tokens by selecting the appropriate ...Using OAuth 2.0 tokens of one form or another. Deployed in-Azure with the Azure VMs providing OAuth 2.0 tokens to the application, "Managed Instance". Using Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens provided by a custom implementation of the SASTokenProvider interface. What can be changed is what secrets/credentials are used to authenticate the ...In short, what this code does is it checks the local storage for the adal.token.keys, adal.access.token.key<client ID>, adal.expiration.key<client ID> and adal.idtoken variables and whether the token stored is valid and has not expired. If the token is invalid or it has expired, it redirects the user to the login page; otherwise, it displays the application.